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March 2019 Newsletter

Herbal Times Newsletter

Meeting March 13 Girl Scout Building 6:00 pm

Hello everyone I am so ready for spring. This was a crazy winter. This was a very good year for making maple syrup. I talked to Laura the event coordinator with the parks department they have lots to sell. She said the flavor is exceptionally good this year. If you have not paid your dues and can’t make it to the meeting send it to WVHS P.O. Box 10563 Terre Haute IN 47801.If not this will be your last newsletter. Don’t forget Aprils meeting will be at Deming Park cleaning up the herb garden.

Things to do:

March 23 A Gardeners' Gathering 4H Fairgrounds

· Hosted by Wabash Valley Master Gardeners Association, Inc.

April in Paris, April 11 at the Cornerstone Baptist Church, Paris ,Ill. Begins at 8:45 AM, $25. For additionan information call 217-465-8585 or

Herb of the month: Lemon Thyme, Thymus pulegioides

● Lemon scented thyme has been widely regarded as a hybrid of Thymus pulegioides × T. vulgaris, or wild thyme and common thyme (Thymus ×citriodorus), however further research demonstrates that this is not the case.

● Over the years, many thymes have been assigned to the wrong species. DNA studies are helping to sort out the confusion and assign the botanical names correctly.

● In 2009, the epithet citriodorus was proposed to be a synonym of T. pulegioides. Some lemon scented thyme plants are of unknown parentage and are best referred to with simply the genus (Thymus) and their cultivar name (T. ‘Golden King’ for example).

● Further information about the botanical name of lemon thyme can be found here:

● Lemon-scented chemotypes occur in different species, yielding a lemon scent.

● There are several cultivars which have gold or cream variegation or are solid green.

● The essential oil from lemon thyme is antibacterial and repels mosquitoes.


Wabash Valley Herb Society Minutes for February 13 2019

President Mary Drake opened the meeting

Secretary Jen Wright read roll call 20 members present

Treasurer Treva Cook read treasures report

Julie Agee brought up the donations we made last year did not add up correctly.

Vice President Virgil Cook reported we have 36 vendors so far this year for the plant sale.

The scholarship were brought up there saw no information at this time.

Holly Tipton brought up Earth Day at St Mary of the woods on April 27 Verdeane Boyles said she would work the event and asked for someone else to volunteer to help her.

Larry Agee brought up the subject of having a booth at the Master Gardeners seminar if there was space.

Discussion was brought up wither to give SICIM [Amber Slaughertbeck ] a space at the plant sale.

Everyone was reminded dues need to be paid 16 dollars for single and 26 dollars for couples.

President Mary Drake adjourned the meeting

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