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WVHS Membership Application

Please complete the form below and mail to:

Wabash Valley Herb Society

10100 S Rukes Rd

Rosedale IN 47874

or bring to the next monthly meeting.





Couple Fee $26_______Individual Fee $16________

Membership dues entiltles you to a monthly newsletter

How would you like to receive your newsletter: Email_____Mail______

If a member participates in one or more of the following: Work at the herb fair, participate with a committee, they are entitled to purchase herbs at a discount price the day before the herb fair and attend our annual bus trip at no charge.

Please check a committee you would be interested in:

______Scholarship Committee, meets 3-4 times, review applications and discuss and vote on recipients.

______Bus trip Committee, meets at least 3-6 times, help plan destination for bus trip. Contact and plan day. Also responsible for preparation for bus trip, door prizes, trip itinerary, and food on bus.

______Meeting set-up committee, arrive 1/2 hour early to meeting, help set up tables and chairs. Prepare drinks, and put out plates, cutlery and napkins, cups etc.

______Membership/Open House committee, help organize, set up and advertise recruitment event.

______Donation Committee, meets 3-4 times, help locate non-profits for yearly contributions.

All Meetings are open to the public

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