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November 2018 Newsletter

Herbal Times Newsletter Meeting November 14 Girl Scout Building 6:00 pm

Hello everyone this is our Thanksgiving meeting Treva is cooking the turkey and making mashes potatoes I am making sweet potatoes from my garden. Bring whatever you want. I am currently trying to find a guest speaker so we may or may not have one. Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. Elections next month for Vice President and Secretary. Virgil Cook said he would be VP Again and Verdeana Boyles nominated Jen Wright for Secretary. Pumpkins were carved or painted fun was had by all.​

Hello Fellow Herbalists!

Herb of the month Sage Salvia spp.

• HSA Notable Native™ 2018, includes about 900 species worldwide, 47 are native to North America with an additional 15 naturalized species • The genus name, from Latin salvo or salvus, meaning safe, whole, or healthy and late from Middle English sauge or sage, recognizes the value for medicinal use of many species. • Includes annual, perennial, biennial and some woody shrubs • Herbal uses include culinary, ornamental/fragrance, medical, ceremonial and are great pollinators • Salvia officinalis is the most common culinary sage, there are other species used for flavoring as well • Salvia columbariae and then S. hispancia are the seeds grown on “chia pets” • Cosmetic uses include shampoo, soap, dye, and perfume • Salvia species also have insect repellent properties • Sage has been attributed to wisdom, long life, and improved memory. • In the Victorian language of herbs, Sage symbolized esteem, youth, friendship, good health, salvation and happy home • Sage was used to treat illnesses ranging from palsy, liver disease, epilepsy, throat inflammation and fevers in the Middle Ages. It was also considered a cure for warts, snake bites and perspiration. • In the 16th century, sage was introduced to North America and was popular in pancake, tea and bread recipes as well as butters • Fertility treatments were one of the medicinal uses for sage from the Roman Empire to the 18t century. • Sage was the most popular herb in the United States until World War II • I has been said that if sage flourishes in the garden the wife is in charge of the household. If sage thrives and in the garden, the garden owner’s business will thrive and flourish as well.

See you at the meeting!

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