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May 2018 Newsletter

May Meeting May 9th

Girl Scout Building Carry in: 6:00 Meeting: 6:30

Presentation: Landscaping with herbs.

Discussion: Herb Fair & Bus trip

Spring Thyme Plant and Herb Fair

It’s almost here! May 12th 8:00 till 3:00. We will have signup sheets available at the meeting if you have not done so already. Friday the herbs will be arriving around 9:00am. Please bring your gloves and garden clippers. Plants will need to be unloaded and containers separated. Once this is completed, members will be able to purchase plants for $2.50 each. The day of the fair, morning cashiers please be there by 7:30 am. Treva ordered another credit card scanner, this will give us 3 card readers. If you are willing to use your smart phone to process credit cards orders that would be great, it is easy to set up on your phone! Let’s say a little prayer for good weather!!

Thank you to everyone who help clean up the Deming Park herb garden. Clean up was a lot easier than last year, thank goodness for that! It is ready for some new plants and mulch. Make sure you sign up on the maintenance calendar, let’s keep it looking nice!

We still need cardboard flats for the herb fair. Please bring what you have collected to the May Meeting!

Annual Bus Trip~ June 16th

Bus trip this year will be to Evansville IN. We will be visiting the Southwestern Master Gardeners display gardens, and also The Hartman Arboretum, The Arboretum has about 500 trees of all varieties, including 17 different Redbud cultivars and 18 types of Oaks. Other areas of interest include the Wildlife Garden which was planned and developed by Master Gardeners and includes nectar plants and host plants for a multitude of butterflies. Lunch will be on your own. We will have a couple of mystery stops. Your trip fee will include dinner at The Log Inn Restaurant. This is the oldest restaurant in Indiana. As always if you work at the herb fair the trip is free. Non-Members fee will be $40.00. More details to come at the May meeting.


Wabash Valley Herb Society April Minutes

Call to order: A meeting was held April 11th at Deming Park herb garden. Meeting was called to order by president Mary Jane Drake.

Roll call: was taken by Vicki Cochran (secretary)

Treasurers Report: given by Treva Cook (treasurer)

Number of members in attendance: 17

Members cleaned the herb garden, afterwards a carry in meal was enjoyed.

New Business

Connie Cooper announced that our bus trip year would be June 1th to Evansville. We will visit Southwestern Master gardeners display gardens and an Arboretum, lunch would be on your own, with a couple of mystery stops and dinner will be provided at The Log Inn restaurant. Signup sheet was passed around.

Signup sheets for working at the herb fair where also passed around. Mary Jane stated Friday help will need to be at the fairgrounds at 9:00am to help unload, and trim and separate herbs. Morning cashiers need to be at Herb Fair at 7:30am. She also let everyone know to collect cardboard flats, and they could be dropped off at the Girl Scout Council during business hours to Treva.

Signup calendar for Deming Park Herb Garden maintenance was passed around. Mary Jane asked everyone to volunteer a week or two.

Larry Agee stated that he has a different truck this year and would not be able to pick up the scented geraniums for Davidson greenhouse. He ask for volunteer to pick them up and Pat Woods volunteered to pick them up.

Old Business

Mary Jane ask for volunteers to run a booth at Earth Day at St Mary of the Woods on April 28th. There were no volunteers and it was stated that Verdeana Boyles and Jeannie McGonnigal, had done it in the pass. Mary Jane said she would contact Verdeana to see if she would like to do it again. If not we would not have a booth this year.

Meeting was adjourned by Mary Jane

Next meeting May 9th at the Girl Scout Building

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