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August 2017 Newsletter

August 9 Meeting

Girl Scout Building

6:00 pm

This will be a short newsletter as we had no meeting last month due to inclement weather. I think the scholarship presentation needs to be at the Girl Scout Building from now on. Therefore there are no minutes to read. Also there will be no painting class we couldn’t get enough people. So we will have a regular meeting. So this will be a pitch in as usual. If you volunteered to work in the garden please don’t forget to work. The garden looked pretty good last month. We still need people to volunteer for the last 3 weeks in September. Please sign up.

Hello Fellow Herbalists

Here are some websites and books to look into.

Dr. Josh Axe website: his book Eat Dirt by Dr. Josh Axe.

Dr. Eric Zielinski website:

Dr. Mercola website:

Dr. perlmutter website:

Dr. Richard Becker website:

Dr Mark Hyman website:

Dr Fuhrman website:

Dr. David Ludwig website:

Google these subjects: reflexology; moringa; maca; matcha; homeopathic Allergy treatments


Just some light reading. It is amazing the info on the net

See you at the meeting!

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