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January Newsletter 2020

Happy New Year!! No January Meeting See you February 12th

Full Wolf Moon January 10th I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.

-John Burroughs, American naturalist.

New moon January 24th

Prune dormant fruit trees now. Use the removed branches for kindling after they’ve dried.

Bright and Cheerful

Croton plants are grown outside in tropical locations but are also happy houseplants, livening up the indoors during winter when the our-of-doors is gray and uninviting. These plants have colorful leaves ranging from red, orange, and yellow to cream, pink, and black –or combination thereof. Like most houseplants, crotons dislike being moved often and thrive in humid conditions (but not soggy soil). If you don’t have a humidifier, fill a tray with pebbles, add water until it just barely covers their tops, and then set the pots on the pebbles.

Over Wintering Plants Indoors

Correctly overwintering indoor plants keeps them healthy during the colder months, when they enter an inactive phase and stop growing. Winter also brings environmental stress to houseplants, including less sunlight and drier air, often coupled with temperature extremes inside the home. The special care required to overwinter indoor plants will help your plants survive their winter rest and emerge thriving in the spring.

Keep houseplants away from rapid temperature changes or temperature extremes. Don't expose plants to radiators, space heaters, hot air vents, open doors, or cold drafts. Don't let foliage touch frigid window panes.

Water less often. You should water the majority of houseplants when the dirt is barely damp or nearly dry to touch. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. Wait until the dirt is totally dry before watering cacti and succulents. Water ferns frequently because they like soil that is evenly damp.

Avoid fertilizing indoor plants during winter. If you choose to feed as part of winter plant care, cut the fertilizer's strength by at least 50 percent. Resume normal feeding in the spring when the plants show new growth.

Refrain from repotting indoor plants when they are in the resting phase. They can be repotted when new growth appears in spring.

Consider adding fluorescent lights to keep your overwintering houseplants healthy. Plants receive less sunlight during winter months when the days are shorter and the sun is less intense.

Clean the dust and grease which has gathered on leaves because this accumulation can hinder plant growth and breathing. Cleaning leaves as part of winter plant care will also improve appearance and control bugs.

Increase the relative humidity in your home during winter months, when indoor air becomes very dry. There are numerous ways to raise air moisture for indoor plants during winter.

  • Put a cool vaporizer inside rooms with plants.

  • Place potted plants on a tray filled with wet pebbles or gravel. Don't let the bottoms of the pots stand below water.

  • Huddle indoor plants together in one area. This raises the humidity in the immediate vicinity of these houseplants because water evaporates from the dirt and moisture escapes via the foliage.

  • Set water-filled pans near heat registers.

  • Take overwintering plants into the bathroom when you take a shower so the plants can soak up some steam.

Club News…

Board meeting will be held January 7th at 5:30, Grand Traverse Pie Company. We will be working on the 2020 budget and meeting schedule. Board meeting is open to anyone to attend.

Our next meeting will be February 12th, 6:00pm at the Girl Scout council. Membership fees for the 2020 year will be due, $16 for single and $26 for couple. Verdeana is in charge of the meeting activities. Please complete the membership application, we want to make sure we have your correct information.

Spring Thyme Plant and Herb Fair Update…..

The fair is May 9th at the Wabash Valley Fair Grounds, 8:00am to 3:00pm, rain or shine. Applications have been sent out. If you know of any vendors please let Virgil know. We have one food vendor confirmed, Joe’s Garage BBQ. We are waiting to hear from a few others, Bobby-Ques and Back from the past Ice cream truck have commitments for our date. Maybe next year.

Open House /Membership Drive…

We need to increase our membership. March is the month we plan on having this event. If you have a talent you would like to share for an open house event please let me know. Plan on having it at the Girl Scout Building Not sure if we will be doing it on a Saturday or regular meeting night. It would be great if we could get a committee together for this event. Please let me know if you are interested. We need to start planning now!

Deming Park Garden….

March will be our first garden workday (if the weather cooperates). We will be meeting the 3rd Thursday at 10:00 of each month to work the Deming Park Herb Garden. Hopefully this will help us stay ahead of the weeds. Please bring your garden tools, I will bring trash bags and some shovels, I would like to redo the stones around the gardens, just dig them up and reposition them. I also have markers for the gardens. If you have anything else you think needs done please let me know!

WVHS Membership Application






Couple $26________Individual $16__________________

Membership dues entitles you to a monthly newsletter.

How would you like to receive your newsletter? Email_______Mail________

If a member participates in one or more of the following: work at the herb fair, participate with a committee, they are entitled to purchase herbs at a discount price the day before the herb fair and attend our annual bus trip at no charge.

Please check a committee you would be interested in:

________Scholarship committee, meets 3-4 times, review applications and discuss and vote on recipients.

________Bus trip committee, meets at least 3-6 times, help plan destination for bus trip. Contact and plan day. Also responsible for preparation for bus trip, door prizes, trip itinerary, and food on bus.

________Meeting set-up committee, arrive ½ hour early to meeting, help set up tables and chairs. Prepare drinks, and put out plates, cutlery and napkins, cups etc.

________Membership/Open House committee, help organize, set up and advertise recruitment event.

All meetings are open to the public

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