February 2019 Newsletter

March 16, 2019

Herbal Times Newsletter

Meeting Feburary 13 Girl Scout Building 6:00 pm


Hello everyone I hope everyone kept warm. It is the beginning of a new year time to pay your dues 16 dollars this month.  , Sylvia Middaugh MS,  RDN, LD  will be the speaker for the Feb. meeting. Nutrition for Healing and has a program called Lower your Blood Pressure naturally.  She is just going to give an overall talk on the programs they offer and give out some handouts. Virgil has 30 plus vendors and more every day. We have been working hard to get our Herb Faire on organization’s events list.


Herb Society Minutes December 9th 2018


President Mary Jane Drake opened the meeting elections were held Virgil Cook Vice President and Jen Wright Secretary.

President Mary Jane Drake adjourned meeting


Cardamom, Elettaria cardamomum  Herb of the Month


Chewed by ancient Egyptians, including pharaohs to clean their teeth.           


Esteemed as a perfume and worn by Greeks and Romans.          


Cardamom comes from the seeds of several plants which are both in the Zingiberaceae or ginger family.         


Black cardamom, Amomum subulatum and 

A. costatuare dried over an open fire and have a strong smoky, pine and camphor-­‐like flavor.     


Black cardamom is used in bold flavored dishes such as those in Indian, Szechuan, and Vietnamese cooking.        


Black  cardamom is in the spice blend  garam masala, meaning warming mixture, which      is used as a rub or      marinade. Cinnamon, cloves, black  pepper and coriander seeds are    also traditionally part of  that blend.           


Green cardamom is the most commonly the one referred to in recipes comes from the plant Elettaria cardamomum. Green cardamom has a spicy sweet flavor and is used in sweet and savory dishes  from  India to Scandinavia       



2019 Agenda


January 8                   Board Meeting            6:00 pm               Grand Traverse Pie 

February 5                 Board Meeting            6:00 pm               Grand Traverse Pie 

February 13              General Meeting          6:00 pm              Girl Scout Building

March 5                     Board Meeting              6:00 pm              Grand Traverse Pie 

March 13                   General Meeting          6:00 pm              Girl Scout Building                                                                                                         ****Bread and Soup month


April 2                         Board Meeting             6:00 pm               Grand Traverse Pie 

April 10                      General Meeting          6:00 pm               Deming Park Ute                                                                                                              ****Shelter clean the garden


April 30                      Board Meeting              6:00 pm                Grand Traverse Pie 

May 8                         General Meeting          6:00 pm                Girl Scout Building

May 10                       Setup for Herb Faire    9:00 am til 12:00 pm

May 11                       Herb Faire                      8 am to 3 pm        4-H Fairgrounds

May 15                       Wrap-up Party               6:00 pm                Girl Scout Building


Field Trip to be announced


June 4                        Board Meeting              6:00 pm                  Grand Traverse Pie 

June 12                      General Meeting          6:00 pm                Girl Scout Building

July 2                         Board Meeting              6:00 pm                  Grand Traverse Pie 

July 10                       General Meeting           6:00 pm                Girl Scout Building                                                                                                  ****Scholarship presentation


August 6                    Board Meeting              6:00 pm                  Grand Traverse Pie 

August 14                  General Meeting          6:00 pm                Girl Scout Building

September 3             Board Meeting             6:00 pm                Grand Traverse Pie 

September 11           General Meeting         6:00 pm             Mary Jane Drake's Home

October 1                   Board Meeting            6:00 pm                Grand Traverse Pie 

October 9                   General Meeting         6:00 pm    Virgil and Treva Cook's Home

November 5               Board Meeting            6:00 pm                  Grand Traverse Pie 

November 13             General Meeting         6:00 pm                Girl Scout Building

December 3                Board Meeting            6:00 pm                  Grand Traverse Pie 

December 11              TBA                                6:00 pm                       

                                                                                  ****Christmas Dinner to be announced





WVHS Proposed Budget 2019


Beginning Checking Acct Balance (1/1/2019)


Income                                                                                                                  Budget

Memberships                                                                                                 $600.00

Herb Faire                                                                                                     $26,000.00

Bus Trip (10 non-members)                                                                         $250.00

Master Gardener Seminar Booth                                                                 $75.00


TOTAL                                                                                                                  $26,935.00


Expenses                                                                                                              Budget

Building Rental                                                                                              $400.00

Herb Faire (Plants, advertising, food, craft supplies, postage)                 $13,000.00

Newsletter (Printing and posting)                                                              $200.00

Meeting Supplies (Tea, cups, plates, napkins)                                          $300.00

Safe Deposit Box (Yearly)                                                                             $31.00

Insurance                                                                                                       $565.00

Post Box Rental                                                                                             $70.00

Bus Trip (Bus rental, food, admission)                                                       $3,000.00

Scholarships                                                                                                 $8000.00

Donations                                                                                                     $1350.00

Garden Maintenance                                                                                    $150.00

Bereavement                                                                                                   $75.00            Vigo County Fair Premiums                                                                          $75.00

Bus Trip Doorprizes                                                                                        $250.00

Christmas Party Doorprizes                                                                          $200.00

Doorprizes                                                                                                      $150.00

Misc.                                                                                                                $150.00









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